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Drive-train adapters and main shaft kit

Drive-train adapters & main shaft kit to mate an NP242 transfer case between the 4L60E transmission and stock differential in a C5 Corvette drive-train. Kit includes both aluminum adapters and the transfer case main shaft. Your corvette torque tube length can be configured to accommodate almost any wheelbase. This kits designed to utilize a trailblazer front differential and oil pan, connected to the NP242 transfer case. The finished assembly creates an AWD, 4WD, or rear wheel drive capable corvette drive-train ready for any project you can imagine.


Hydraulic suspension kit

custom built to order, and designed to thread onto your favorite brand coil-overs. Height adjustable cylinders can be configured for up to 7 inch travel and built to fit most aftermarket coil-overs

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The RAMM. a kit car

The R.A.M.M. a kit car designed with a focus on being a Reliable, Affordable, Modular, Machine. The first All Wheel Drive capable kit car powered by a Chevrolet Ls v8. The modular design of our kit car allows you to source more used donor parts to save money, as well as upgrade the cars features, styling, and performance as you see fit