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This kit inlcudes:

1x-NP242HD extended length main-shaft with 27 spline output

1x-27 spline narrow bearing transfer case input gear

1x-Billet adapter & bracing sleeves to mate the NP242HD transfer case to a C5 Corvette differential(Transfer case output side)

OPTIONAL : 1x-Billet adapter to mate a transmission to the NP242HD transfer case(Transfer case input side)


The max torque this system is rated for is 450ft-lbs measured at the engine crankshaft.


**Aisin 4X4 AR5 transmission configured kits are currently available for low power applications only until we complete tests with a V8**


Every order can be customized to your builds needs. If your looking for a transmission adapter option you dont see please check for more options or reach out to me via phone/email. We can help you source custom length torque tubes. Please feel free to email or call with any questions or to request CAD files of the parts or assembly for computer modeling a frame/brackets much easier.

NP242HD Adapters & Main-shaft Modular Transaxle Attachment Conversion Kit

SKU: 001
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