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Please support the development of my new type of affordable modular vehicle platform.

These T-shirts are DTG printed for high quality & long wear life. “Make cars $10,000 again” on the front with H.A.R.D. featured on both sleeves.

Click the teal link in the coming soon section of the products page to find the complete mission page. Here you will find detailed current features, specs, goals, & opportunities regarding the final production ready vehicle platform.

Get even more behind the scenes content about the development process of my new type of affordable #modularvehicle platform & drivetrain system . Subscribe now to Hearn Automotive ReDesign on youtube to get notified when I release new video’s. Link to youtube channel can be found in the coming soon section of the products page on my website. First video is out now!!!

Make sure to like, share, & comment on posts/videos to have a real say in how the final production version of this platform comes to life.

Partnership/Collaboration ideas are always welcome so feel free to reach out.

Unique automotive innovations to help everyday people try H.A.R.D.

H.A.R.D. FPT T-Shirt Black & Teal

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